Hindustan Radiators

Company Details

Established in the year 1951, Hindustan radiator and oil coolers PVT LTD Co. was setup by a group of talented dynamic professionals, radiators manufactured by them have been protecting thousands of heavy-duty engines, big and small, stationary and mobile. Around 900 varieties of heavy-duty radiators for engines ranging from 5 kVa to 2000 kVa (kVa is kilo-volt-ampere. kVa is a unit of apparent power which is an electrical power unit or in simple words, the capacity of the generator.)

As a start-up in the year 1951 the company was only focused on servicing,repairing and selling regular radiators for oil cooled engines. The company was also involved in dealership from local manufacturers with in Bangalore. Later in the years the company saw scope in servicing industrial generators which required heavy duty radiators to keep them cool and started expanding their service base with servicing these heavy duty generators and the radiators used in them, these heavy duty engines may range from 5 kVa to 2000 kVa. The company expanded and also started its own manufacturing unit where they manufacture various radiator cores (Made of aluminum or copper,19 the radiator core is comprised of rows of tubes and serpentine fins that work to transfer heat to the cooling fan.)
To provide high product quality for every type of radiator and oil cooler we manufacture or sell.To provide superior customer service for every radiator and oil cooler we touc.
Hindustan radiators and oil coolers co, are looking forward towards expanding into and focusing more upon their service and covering various market places in India in cities like Pune, Gulbarga, Ramanagara, Mysore, New Delhi and also making efforts towards exporting their products and services in an international market.


Liberalization of the automotive industry in the nineties provided much needed thrust for the auto components in India. The auto ancillary industry has been growing in tandem with the country’s burgeoning automobile industry and is characterised my low manufacturing cost, high standard and quality engineering expertise. The industry currently contributes to around 2.3% of the India’s GDP and provides direct and indirect employment to around 0.92 million people.


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